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Lunation: A New Moon Kundalini Shakti Transmission


This month's Lunation takes place during a cosmic energy portal. The New Moon in Pisces is a Supermoon joined by a Toal Solar Eclipse our first eclipse of the New Year. Pisces energy encourages us to dream and vision what we can contribute to create the world we wish to inhabit. This is time to enter the stillness through meditation, prayer or ceremony offering gratitude. Eclipses are the most powerful transit to experience. They are messengers of major beginnings and endings. Pisces is also the most psychic and sensitive sign in the zodiac. Your emotions will feel more sensitized during this cosmic web. We will use this powerful vortex with Kundalini Shakti to tap deeper into our intuition which will be heightened due to the cosmic alignment. We will plant seeds to dream what we want to see in the world and come out trusting our intuition, trusting our instincts, and the messages that come before us.

Sunday 3/5

Golden Drum


*Please Bring Sacred Item For Alter And Notebook