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Aquarian Sadhana: 2.5hrs Long Ek On Kaars

  • Pandora Healing 274 Lafayette Avenue Hawthorne, NJ, 07506 United States (map)

This Month's Sadhana we will chant the Adi Shakti Mantra Long Ek Ong Kars for 2.5hrs. Yogi Bhajan said "Long Ek Ong Kaar's are the quickest way to liberation" This is a transformational mantra of the Aquarian Age and is the first mantra of the Aquarian Sadhana. Come experience the power of the Sangat (Community) in this powerful 2.5 hour Sadhana during the ambrosial hours.

"What can this long Ek Ong Kar do for you? It can give you all knowledge,which existed in the universe of universes of universes. When you chant this it opens up your ajna (the 6th Chakra) command center-trikuti."- Yogi Bhajan

Benefits of 2.5 hours of Long Ek Ong Kars

It is said that chanting Long Ek Ong Kar's, also known as Morning Call, Long Chant, and the Adi Shakti Mantra, opens all the chakras, charges the solar centers, connects the soul to the Universal Soul, and liberates us from the cycle of karma.

Strengthen your mind-set to be successful.
Gain the drive and inspiration to pick up new skills.
Achieve greater control over your thought patterns.
Establish a profound connection with the subconscious mind.
Improve your capacity for creative thought and problem-solving.
Experience being aware, detached and care-free.
Refine your skill to become still, grateful, and to surpass limitations.

4:45am Doors

5am Start Kundalini Yoga

5:45am Japji Recitation 

6:15am 2.5hrs Long Ek Ong Kaars

8:45am Sound Bath by Jason Wood (Optional) 






"Getting up in the morning to do your sadhana does not mean you will become God. No, getting up in the morning, you will become you"-Yogi Bhajan 6/27/93