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LUNATION: Kundalini Shakti Transmission: New Moon In Sagittarius A Celebration in Honor of Manjushree Orphanage

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Know thy Self is the theme of this Lunation. Expanded conscious as the Sun conjucts the Moon in the sign of the Guru Sagittarius. The Guru is our inner wisdom, our inner consciousness.

Mercury will be stationed back direct giving us the power to put all that we realign in the retrograde into actione. Coupled with Sagittarius ruling planet Jupiter back home in Sagittarius for the first time in twelve years. This is the Moon to expand your consciousness, expand your horizons, expand your mind.

Join me for a special Lunation for my birthday. Together we will expand the consciousness of our inner world and the outer world as a collective, through Kundalini Yoga, deep meditation, sacred moon ceremony, celestial sound and community.

100% of proceeds from this Lunation will go towards Manjushree Orphanage in the Himalayas. Join us for an evening under the Moon in Celebration. Sweet treats and special activated elixirs to hold our hearts in expanded abundance and gratitude with the Earths core.

*Bring a Journal and something sacred for the Altar if called

Cost: $33


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About Manjushree

Manjushree is one of the most remote orphanages in the world. Abhaijot was introduced to the children of Manjushree in India at her Mentor Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa home. The children traveled a long pilgrimage to reach India, many their first time out of the mountains. She was touched by their spirits and everyday gratitude that many in this world have forgotten. Manjushree is a 2.5 day jeep ride from the nearest airport, and due to snow, the roads are only passable for a few months every year. As a monk, Lama Thupten relies on the goodwill of humanity for support. The orphanage is not receiving sufficient aid. Manjushree is overcrowded and cannot accept all those who need help. Children are dying of malnutrition, disease, and accidents. This Lunation class will raise money to help build infrastructure and establish sustainable systems for food, water & medical care.