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Uganda Wellness Initiative: Together We Are Stronger

In August 2017 myself, Amanbir Singh, and Carla Ashton-Carroll two of my dear yogi family members of Golden Bridge Yoga are going to Uganda in East Africa to help with a Medical Wellness Initiative. We are thrilled to be taking what we do here in the US to help with the health crisis in Uganda. We would love to go there not only contributing our time and knowledge but to help with the $20,000 needed for the Medical Outreach we are looking to contribute $5,000 and with your loving help I know we can do this! No amount is too small and every offering is greatly appreciated. Give what you can and know that you helped make the world a little better. More information on the Wellness Initiative and how you can help the cause below. Peace to you.


Uganda is beautiful, landlocked country located in East Africa. Although the landscape is breathtaking many people in Uganda, especially the rural populations, have no access to clean, running water and health care. Their health problems can become severe without treatment and a high rate of mortality is seen especially among children.

Every year, Charles Wambebe, our great friend and an accomplished doctor of pharmacology, who is the founder of Rock Church outreach programs, organizes a medical commission in different parts of the country to offer free medical check-ups, consultations, minor and major surgical operations, health education and medicines to thousands of impoverished Ugandans who have limited access to health care facilities and specialized care due to lack of funds and being too far away from any medical facilities.


The medical mission last year treated over 1700 outpatients who were reviewed and treated for various ailments. Services offered included, health education, pediatric and medical consultations, dispensary, eye clinic, cancer screening, surgical care and procedures, dental and spiritual care.


We are fortunate to have the permission from the local authorities to teach yoga and meditation in the Ugandan schools and prisons.

We want to share and teach meditation techniques for managing stress & healing.

We will take this knowledge to prisons which lack basic sanitation and medical support. We will teach them techniques to overcome depression, anxiety and stress. We hope to teach prison officials how to carry on these programs for the benefit of all.

We will also travel to schools and hope to teach both the pupils and teachers easy yoga and meditation tools for managing tension and inner conflicts. We hope to show the teachers and school officials how to enact and continue these programs by themselves.

We plan to bring with us 1000 zip lock bags containing basic toiletries which the parents can barely afford.

We are having the yoga sequences and meditations translated into the local language and are fabricating books to leave with them. We plan also to bring over CD players and speakers along with CDs of suitable music to use in classes of their own after we leave.

The practice we teach is non-secular and does not ask anyone to abandon their current faith & beliefs.


We are looking to raise $5,000 to contribute to the $20,000 needed for the Medical Outreach Program.

You can help by Donating HERE


Please share this link with family and friends to increase visibility.

We intend to set up a Facebook page tracking the progress and posting photos of our trip. We will also post Kundalini meditations & yoga that you are welcome to use for yourself.