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Enter The Serpent: A Journey To A Year Of Excellence w/ Abhaijot

  • Pandora Healing Center 274 Lafayette Avenue Hawthorne, NJ, 07506 United States (map)

2017 according to Kundalini Yoga is a 10 Year ( 2+0+1+7=10) A Year to step into our radiant body which is also known as our excellence. The number 10 is also broken down to the number 1  (1+0=1) which is our souls call. Kundalini energy is at the core of our long journey towards self-awareness and excellence. Kundalini is often translated as "that which is coiled". Our excellence wants to carry our our Soul's mission with courage, nobility grit, humility, knowledge, prayer, grace, and determination. This journey will unlock our coiled energy and project our intentions for the New Year to illuminate in that radiant space of excellence during this important time here on Earth helping us access a whole  new level of intuition and wisdom, while finding new solutions to old problems. We will learn to manifest a previously unimagined goal while tapping into our creativity and source for our vision. 

1/22 Week One: Creativity: The creative force manifests as the feminine. Vision is the approach of the masculine offering to take creativity into form.

1/29 Week Two: Becoming Shuniya: A state of mind and consciousness where the ego is brought to zero or complete stillness. There a power exists.

2/5 Week Three: Infinity: Projecting the mind past the finite. We then create a relationship to the world and to our future that comes from an authentic place within.

2/12 Week Four: Pulse & Impulse: The pulse is the concentrated life force to create the pure essence of what we are. As pulse and impulse are balanced in your mind you gain the ability to distinguish the pulse and impulse in any object.

3/5 Week Five: Inner Fire: Listening to the inner chamber of the mind a whole new universe of vibration will open to your awareness.

3/12 Week Six: Uniqueness: Your soul chose to incarnate in this body at this particular time for a specific reason. Your uniqueness is the special gift you are to bestow to the planet. This is where true vision manifests...from your uniqueness.

3/19 Week Seven: Unlocking Your World: The Chakras

3/26 Week Eight: Knowingness & Holding Your Vision of Excellence: The flow of Intuition so that one’s vision can bubble up from the heart center, from the soul, from our essence while making effective decisions that allows us to hold our vision constantly in our consciousness.

Each Class will be Livestream for future watching and missed classes.

Pandora Healing Center

Sunday's January 22nd- March 19th

*No Class February 19th and February 26th


$150 Pre Registered Before 1/20 $180 After

$25 Drop In

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