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Lunation Kundalini Shakti Transmission::Full Moon in Taurus

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Lunation is back during the Earthy Taurus Full Moon this Lunation calls us to work on our own desires, needs and grounding during this phase. It's time to ground ourselves, go within, and connect with Mother Earth. Taurus is represented by the Bull and in ancient mythology, the Bull represents illumination. We will summon the Taurus energy to hit the ''bullseye'' in order to awaken to our fullest potential and realize our goals, dreams and wishes. Taurus energy favors practicality and taking a methodical approach to achieving your goals, coupled with the illumination of the Moon Taurus Full Moon will be asking us to take a closer look at our feelings of self worth and emotional security. During this Lunation we will ground our emotions, enhance our feelings of self worth and open our hearts to the abundance of the Universe through Kundalini Shakti and Full Moon Ceremony we will bridge Heaven right here on Earth.

Golden Drum


*Please Bring Something Sacred For Alter Activation if Feel Called and Journal.