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7:7 New Moon Generation Cleanse:: Healing Ancestral Karma

  • Pandora Healing Center 274 Lafayette Avenue Hawthorne, NJ, 07506 United States (map)

The ancestral line carries your family history, the beliefs, experiences, dramas, traumas, dominant emotions and assigned roles that stretch back into eternity. Ancestral not just physical DNA includes subtle energetic DNA and an energetic web encompassing past, present and future- and beyond. Even though we may consciously disagree with the lives that our parents lived, an inclination to have the same dramas unfold in our own lives somehow seems to pop up and get lived through us—without us even seeing it. We seem to adhere to those traumatic events, even though they have may be been horrific for us. They become the unseen or unconscious script that compulsively plays out in our own life when we approach a similar time in our life. Our ancestors also carried many benefits in our heritage that can provide a truly rich texture to our lives, and give us great foundations. But as we know, we can also inherit some really difficult subconscious calls to action as well. Yogi Bhajan said that when are liberated, we also liberate 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. That's healing all of those strings to those subconscious scenarios of not only our parents, but 6 more generations of ancestors That is 508 people—half mothers and half fathers. The lineage breakers in the family incarnate to break the chain and start a new trend in turn healing the 7 generations ahead. During this powerful healing workshop we will honor our ancestors who followed us here to be liberated and healed, and heal the ancestral wounds with Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

*Please bring journal, picture of your ancestors and a sacred item for the alter.

This will be a healing space creating a deep healing environment for yourself and your lineage.

$60 Before 11/25

$75 After

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