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Breathe Easy- A Kundalini & Acupuncture Workshop: Kidneys

  • nuurvana 80 East 11th St New York, NY United States (map)

The Winter season is the time perfect time to rest and reflect. Two organs that benefit us the most during this time are the kidneys and urinary bladder. The kidneys help absorb the nutrients needed in our bodies, while the urinary bladder is all about letting go of all the impurities in our bodies. (more on the urinary bladder next month!).

Kundalini Yoga uses the breath to change the body’s energy state, while cleansing the blood, and increasing oxygen to the brain and body, which will speed up both emotional and physical healing.

We've all heard about adrenal fatigue . It's a major buzzword. Come to the workshop and learn how your kidneys regulate hormones including cortisone, which controls stress levels. Healing your kidneys helps treat trauma. When there are issues within the kidneys; that can cause you to feel sleepy, tired or not well rested. This in turn can affect your physical and mental well-being.

Kundalini breath combined with Acupuncture will keep the energy flow of the body in proper balance, keeping our immune system happy, healthy, and stress free as we move deeper into the darkness of the upcoming months.

Sign up and learn more about this season, about your kidneys and ALL they do for you, about Kundalini and about Acupuncture! We’ll have some fall-time tea and douse ourselves in winter-time essential oils to really enhance the healing effects!